NER Guidelines for Open Relationships in the First Step: 11 Tips

NER Guidelines for Open Relationships in the First Step: 11 Tips

Open relationships are a taboo for many people. But every day, more and more people choose this type of dynamic, maybe it is useful to you.

Either way, as in all types of relationships, some unwritten rules will help you improve the situation.

You are full of fun and adventure, but they also have a solid side. Not everything is as happy as it seems. Open relationships are more complicated than traditional relationships.

Some couples enjoy completely open relationships and are very satisfied with all aspects of life. This shows that it is possible to maintainOpen relationship, But no one said it was easy.

If you and your partner decide to establish an open relationship, check out this beginner's guide to establish an open relationship.

What is an open relationship?

By definition, an open relationship refers to a situation where two people are together without an exclusive relationship. This means when they have the right to open sex or open transactions to third parties.

In view of non-monogamy is its founding feature. There are different types of open relationships: an open relationship where you can look around if you need to. On the other hand, only one partner can do this.

Beginner open relationship rules

First of all, you should know that there are no hard and fast rules on this topic. What makes one partner comfortable may not be suitable for another partner. These are only general suggestions, but they have proven to be very useful.

1. Make sure both are ready

When two people are in a monogamous relationship for a long time, the idea of having sex with a third party seems exciting and interesting.

But before you dive first, both people need to be sure. Make sure this is what you want and the consequences can be handled.

If this is not the case, it is likely to turn from an affair to a real disruptive trader.

2. First, test

Please test before proceeding directly to the final exchange. Why not try to flirt in a party or bar alone without any further effort? The next day, talk about your experience and honestly discuss how it makes you feel.

If jealousy appears immediately, it may not be the right time to establish an open relationship. If instead, they feel excited and curious, please consider taking the next step.

3. Desire is different from lifestyle changes

Sometimes, we can confuse sexual boredom with an open relationship as a good choice.

However, when the things we make are just boring or desire, it’s not awesome to do a good job. If it’s not really believed inMonogamy, It is most likely that some of the parties involved ended up deeply hurt.

Suppose that when you are not hungry and thirsty, you are not excited to sleep with other people. In this case, it is probably just pure sexual fantasies.

4. Avoid mutual friends

If you both fully believe that what you want is an open relationship, then here is a good rule of thumb. Stay away from mutual friends. Always try to find a partner who is not involved in your life outside of sex.

5. Hide details, not people

An open relationship requires a very delicate balance between love, desire and a lot of trust.

If something is done too much, it will eventually make the partner feel unsafe or even injured, and vice versa. This is a sexual agreement between two people, so don't hide any related content. But don't study any details that might cause free jealousy.

6. Make love, but don't fall in love

This may be one of the most complicated parts of establishing an open relationship. But this is also the first one you must remember and most importantly comply with. The dynamic may not be monogamous sexual talk, but it can be emotional.

Therefore, unless you and your partner are polymarried, try to avoid feelings that might endanger your relationship.

7. You will feel jealous and accept it.

You may feel jealous or jealous, especially if your partner receives more attention than you. In fact, this is the first feeling that will appear.

Many couples failed to pass the first stage, or reverted to traditional monogamy, or broke up. But those who manage to anticipate these negative emotions usually find a good balance.

8. Not everyone has to know

It's not that they have to hide any mistakes, but that they let us face reality. The world may not be ready to develop couple motivation.

Your friends may understand, but your grandmother may have trouble understanding the meaning of an open relationship.

9. Nothing has changed between you

Just because they now have casual sex with other people now and then does not mean that he has to change. You shouldn't allow it and don't let others have sex to take quality time with each other.

Openness to the world is a tool to increase the intimacy between the two of you, rather than eliminate it.

10. Well-defined rules

Every couple is different, and what works for one person may not work for another at all. Having an "open relationship" actually means that what they are doing is not monogamous. But this still leaves many possibilities.

State clearly what you want and what bothers you, and follow the rules in the contract. In addition, you should avoid accepting the agreement without compelling yourself in any way that anyone feels good.

11. Remember who is number one

You may be in love with your new sexual partner, and time with her may be pleasant.

However, never forget that there is a hierarchy in an open relationship, and the most important thing is your partner. Then others. Therefore, never spend quality time with your loved ones in order to have pure sex with others.

in conclusion

Monogamy is not the only option (Scarlett Johansson thinks this is nonsense). There are many different types of relationships. According to a new study, people in open relationships are even happier than people in traditional relationships.
Obviously, not everyone can or wants to maintain an open relationship. Nevertheless, trying will not make you weird, or even more perverted or unfaithful.

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